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MailBase is an email archiving program that runs in the background and keeps a copy of all incoming and outgoing emails without interfering with your normal email client. It allows business' to create an archive of incoming and outgoing emails, reducing the risk of losing or deleting important information. Email is now the most common form of communication between business, which means an increasing amount of valuable information is being stored in your inbox. MailBase takes the risk out of storing your emails and keeps your valuable information safe. Before an email is sent or received, MailBase creates a copy of it and stores it in your desired location. Using the MailBase web control panel, you can look through and retreive these emails at any time, even if you have since deleted the email from your inbox. Features Include: ~Stores Emails in standard formats so that they may be retrieved at a latter time. ~Email user may access their archived Emails via a simple to use Web interface from their Web browser. ~Automatically creates storage folders for each Email address being used. ~Emails are stored in folders under the Email address used to send/receive the Email. ~Runs as a service so the software can run when logged off on a server to automate transfer in the background. ~Installs in just minutes. Very easy to use for day-to-day operation. About NCH Software NCH Software is a leader in audio, video, telephony, dictation, business, and computer utility software for Windows, Palm, Pocket PC and Mac. NCH has released over 100 products since 1993 and have received many awards for software excellence.

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